Lifetime Basketball Double Shot 90056 Arcade Basketball Game Review


Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade Electronic Game.

A great innovation to the home basketball product market was the personal arcade basketball game. One of the products on the market I am personally acquainted with is the 90056 Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game from Lifetime Products.

Positives about the 90056 Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game

Growing up, I played on several different arcade basketball systems, including the original Double Shot from Lifetime Products. These systems had very similar design aspects, i.e. 2 hoops to score on, netting to rebound the ball to you, plastic score keepers, etc. While Clicker Games Online these systems are almost always fun to play on, their flimsy design made them wear out fairly quickly. In particular, the plastic clicker that is used to keep score readily broke after repeated use. Even before the clicker broke, the unit was prone to defective score keeping; depending on how the ball hit the clicker, sometimes the clicker would double count or not count a basket. Other deficiencies included a narrower area for 2 players to shoot from, weaker steel tubing, and flimsy rims.

The 90056 is a remake of the original Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Game. All the above mentioned deficiencies were greatly improved upon. For instance, the 90056 does not use the plastic clicker anymore; instead, the score keeping is done with a set of infrared sensors above and beneath each hoop. Not only does this eliminate the problem of breakage with the plastic clickers, this score keeping mechanism keeps more accurate track of the scores. The steel on the new Double Shot is greatly improved on – both thicker and stronger steel – and the rims are also beefed up. The system also comes with 7 basketballs, where traditionally it had 6 (other systems currently sold typically come with 6 or fewer). The higher quantity of balls may seem a trivial matter, but the game becomes harder to play with 2 players when there are fewer basketballs to shoot.

Negatives about the 90056 Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade Game

The only negative I have really found with the system thus far is just in setting up the system. We had a great deal of difficulty with having the holes on the different steel tubes line up to bolt the together. What we ended up doing was rereading the instructions, finding a brief mentioning of not over tightening the bolts and nuts, and finally loosening everything to get the parts positioned correctly. When the instructions say not to “over tighten”, they do not mean snug; they mean loose. If you keep the main frame bolts and nuts somewhat loose, you should be able to easily line of the holes on the system. Other than this one point, we have had no problems with the unit.

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